Grill Cheese

As grilled cheese,
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GFB Dairy Products
GFB Dairy Products
GFB Dairy Products
GFB Dairy Products
GFB Dairy Products
GFB Dairy Products
100% Hygiene Products manufactured with precision in sanitary conditions.
Traditional Taste You will feel the difference of the traditional taste.
Long Shelf Life Taste of the first day, carefully packaged products.
Wide Sales Network We sell quality, healthy and delicious products to more than 30 countries.


Grill Cheese offers the perfect taste for your meals fried or grilled at a high melting point, while maintaining its traditional folded shape.

The Grill Cheese as a product has a much wider variety of consumption than the similar cheeses.

Grill Cheese is very healthy and has a good source of calcium. Because the carbohydrate percentage is so low, you can break normal dietary habits by generating distinct flavors in a low-carb diet.

Enjoy the traditional taste
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