GFB Dairy Company was established in 2019 at Warsaw, Poland.

GFB Dairy, is the largest and the most modern Grill Cheese producer in Europe at the province Zamość. The company, preserving the genuineness of each product, over this time has offered products of high nutritional value and quality which are always based on the international quality standards. The quality of the products are internationally recognised with the company actively exporting in more than 21 European countries, Middle East and UK , GFB is the largest producer and exporter company of the grill cheese industry in Poland.

Apart from being one of the most powerful exporter of grill cheese GFB has managed to produce Private label products to the local market of Poland. GFB Launched Grill cheese to Polish market very recently and within a year GFB reached 90% of the market and achieved to sell 120 tons per month. Main key accounts are Carrefour, Tesco, Auchan, Kaufland and Biedronka. This figure gives us the direction for promoting our Grill Cheese for the new markets in and out of EU.

The significant recent changes in the short history of the company are about important launches which have admittedly changed the consumer-relationship with the product. It is regarding the product Grill Cheese Bites (Pop Corn) and Grill Cheese chips, as well as innovations in product categories such as low fat Grill Cheese. In addition, the company has become more innovative in regards to interactive communication with the clients and consumer, but also in general with its unique way of communication.

GFB Diary was created through the joint venture with OSM Krasnystaw who is the one of the largest dairy Cooperative of Poland, in 2020.

Dengiz Pınar, founder and the chairman of the company and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biray Food Marketing Company, is from Cyprus, the home of Halloumi. With the experience of Mr. Pınar’s more than 26 years in the retail, dairy and dairy products industry from manufacturing to marketing in Turkey, and has become the leading PL producer in many domestic markets and brands, particularly Halloumi cheese, grilled cheese and Kashkaval cheese in Turkey. The company has 90% dominance in the sales of halloumi cheese imported from Cyprus in the Turkish market.

Our Mission

GFB Dairy Products aims to become the best PL producer company with its network service experience and the investment which has made in the European industry for 12 months and by generating the best quality Grill Cheese products, for all clients around the world.

Working to maximize customer satisfaction with quality, delicious, healthy, and innovative goods by ensuring the continuity of production and producing better every day.

In the short period of time since its establishment, GFB has started to be mentioned with the delicious and high-quality products both in England (which is the largest market of the sector) and other European Union countries and succeed to take over the leadership of the sector. With its innovative product development skills and experience, apart from conventional products it brought new innovation to the market and offered Grill Cheese Fries, Grill Cheese Burger, Grill Cheese Bites (Pop Corn) and Grill Cheese Chips products to its customers and brought this new flavour to consumers.